Dark Tranquility announces South American tour 2014

Swedish darklords Dark Tranquility are going to tour South America on 2014’s January (or at least a part of South America).

The tour dates are as such:

  • Jan 17: Mexico City @ Plaza Condesa
  • Jan 19: Sao Paulo @ Clash Club 
  • Jan 21: Montevideo @ La Trastienda 
  • Jan 22: Buenos Aires @ The Roxy Live 
  • Jan 24: Santiago @ KMASU Premiere

No more info or thought has been released, more info soon to come, I guess …

I hope more dates are announced for the tour as time goes by because 5 gigs is a little too low of a number if we’re taking in  consideration that we’re talking about a whole Continent, not just a Country. It’s time to buckle up and to get what we, South Americans, deserve!! More gigs for everyone!. (it is a bit ironic that I’m writing this in English and complaining abouth South America not getting enough, ha.)

Dark tranquility SA tour 2014


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