Kataklysm – Waiting for the End to Come Track by Track Commentary.

Canadian band Kataklysm are releasing a new album this October called Waiting for the End to Come so that’s why Vocalist Maurizio Iacono did a Track-by-Track Commentary of the whole thing, spanning 3 videos of about 10 minutes each, so, yeah, the thing sure is lenghty but it’s cooler this way, fans of the band have a more deep insight and knowledge of the songs and the album’s vibe, with words from the man itself who knows it all. What’s not to like about this?. In every track commentary you can hear a little snippet of every song so you can somewhat hear the whole thing, piece by piece, that’s it.

From what I can hear, this shit will fuck things up in a rather badly way, the best way. The production of the record is superb

Album Waiting for the End to Come has 11 tracks and it will be released October 25th (EU), Oct. 28th (UK) and October 29, on North America via Nuclear Blast.

You can pre-order Waiting for the End to Come Here


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