Lyric video for “SATYRICON – The Infinity of Time and Space”, from Satyricon’s self titled new album.

Norwegian band Satyricon have released a new self-titled album (out now) and they’ve posted this new cool lyrics video for one of their new songs featured in Satyricon (the album, not the band, ugh … the confusion!). It is called The Infinity of Time and Space and is pretty cool, although lengthy, it isn’t a bummer to sit and listen through the almost-8-minute-long song. It is actually pretty cool, with highs and lows, of course, but overall a solid track. At first I wasn’t that sure about the clean/growl voice they mix together in the track, but giving it a second (and third and fourth) listening to the song, it actually blends really well. It has some good instrumental passages that I really like that serve to go through  verses to choruses, well executed, really. Also the clean to distortion transitions are marvelous, one moment you’re listening to this cool and beautiful track and a split of a second later, the chaos unfolds!.

Although the background of the video somehow interrupts you from time to time to read the lyrics in peace it isn’t that hard to do so.

Satyricon (the album, for fuck’s sake, not the band!) is out NOW, grab your copy HERE or die.


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