Stream Vattnet Viskar’s “Sky Swallower” in full.

Oh, yeah! The dudes of  Vattnet Viskar, a band hailing from Plaistow, NH. are now streaming their new and debut album Sky Swallower in full via Pitchfork.

Click HERE for the full album stream.

According to the little bio of them in Pitchfork’s web:

American black metal band Vattnet Viskar is set to release their debut full length Sky Swalloweron September 3 via Century Media. According to their label, the group’s sound is “filtered through the members’ own hardcore pasts and imbued with doom metal’s heart-rending heaviness.” Sky Swallower follows their 2012 self-titled EP.

The album has 8 tracks and is 41:19 minutes long, the tracklist is as follows:

  • 01 New Alchemy
  • 02 Fog of Apathy
  • 03 Monarch
  • 04 Breath of the Almighty
  • 05 Ascend
  • 06 Mythos
  • 07 As I Stared Into the Sky
  • 08 Apex

The songs are pretty rad, ranging from short to long, with a really Black Metal vibe which evokes, and, actually has some Doom tints and much more, really cool, it has some really slow passages that lead to speedy ones with a blast beat drumming, all of which leads to a sudden silence, it’s really great how they mix it all together, pretty unique. Sky Swallower might be their debut album, but these dudes have it all figured out already, really. They do it like all they know is eat, sleep, fucking write epic music… And it seems like it’s that way, ’cause I’ve heard nothing but fucking epic music on this album.

You can order Sky Swallower Here.

Vattnet Viskar will be touring this Fall as “Special Guests” alongside band Intronaut.

Cool graphics.


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