Angra records Live DVD to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first album.

Brazilian band Angra has recorded the past 25th of August a Live DVD to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their first album, Angels cry, released in 1993.

The show featured some very special guests, such as: Tarja Turunen (former Nightwish), Uli Jon Roth (former Scorpions) and Russell Allen (Symphony x, Adrenaline Mob).  Alongside Fabio Lione (who has served as a non-permanent main vocalist for the band since Edu‘s departing).

By the looks of the videos showed above, the quality of the Live DVD will be superb, I see many, many back-up musicians that will, for sure, add to the quality of sound that the band already has.
This band is tight, man, I’m really happy they’ve stayed together and standed strong after all the members that left the band have, well, left… duh. When Andre Matos left, I thought the band was going to be history, lucky enough for me, it wasn’t meant to be that way and they continued to release awesome masterpieces.

The band currently is looking for a permanent vocalist to join their ranks.


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