“Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir” new Joe Satriani’s book.

April 24th, 2013 is the due date for this little bun in the oven that Satriani has been cooking for a bit now, it’ll be released through BenBella Books.

The book will feature lots and lots of things about this mythical guitarist that has given us (and the music) so much, things that will feature this book, among many others will be: Photos, stories, interviews, cool things that not many of us know about his recordings sessions and I’m but expecting many cool things more, imagine the weird stories that the book could contain.

As you can read on the image, the prologue is worded by Brian May of Queen. The book is also written by Jake Brown, a known writer that has also worked with Motorhead, Heart, Rick Rubin and some weird rappers that have nothing to contribute to this article so I won’t even mention them. The book also contains some words by Steve Vai and current Joe’s band members of Chickenfoot.

I really like these kind of books, knowing more about your favourite artists can do no harm at all, if anything, it’ll make their music more enjoyable. Keep in mind that I enjoy these books only when they focus on the music, when they focus on how X rock-star dude fucked X bitches, nah … I pass the shit outta that shit.


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