Jeff Waters talks “Feast”, new Annihilator album.

Well, I have to admit this has come as a bit of a surprise for me, wasn’t expecting this one at all, but was a pleasant surprise, my oh my.

I have been very patient and so looking forward to get around and get a hold of any new Annihilator material and this one seems to be IT.
I could go on and on rambling and mumblin’ about how much I personally LOVE Annihilator but I guess that’s not what you guys fancy, amiright?.

So here’s the thing, there’s a new video of Jeff Waters himself and his EPK for the new album, Feast talking with WackenTV (For those of you that do not know what EPK stands for, well, it’s basically an Electronic Press kit, a “press kit” where you promote your shit but since it has Electronic in its name, it’s where you promote your shit electronically, get it?). The video consists of 16 minutes of pure epicness, short clips of new songs (which sound pretty killer – I must say-). Love ballads for German fioncees (a thing I haven’t really seen since Set the world on Fire), that’s a cool feature that I love about Annihilator, it’s all Hairy-chest-Manly-Macho-man Metal songs up your fucking butt and all of a sudden, the most beautiful song that bring tears to your tears pop-out out of the blue. That and a bunch more of cool stuff you can find out if you watch the video, really. watch the whole shit, fucker!.

I am digging already the 3-D cover and I haven’t seen it yet. Epic.

The audio of the part where Jeff talks sounds kinda reverby-echoy-bad.

Album Feast will be released August 26th.


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