Old school is always cool.

I’m sure spamming you guys with Carcass’s news and everything, but you’ll have to suck it up because I like them so much that it doesn’t even bothers me. So… onto the good old news:

We all know Carcass is releasing a new album, Surgical Steel this September. What you all not know about is HOW (as in what shape) they will be releasing it. Well, for all you nostalgic people, they will be releasing the new album in Cassette aswell.

Not only that but they will be releasing fun and good-looking vinyls such as:

A White vinyl :

A Black vinyl: 

A kickass Green vinyl:

A clear (see-through) White vinyl which looks A-MA-ZING:

And of course, the limited to 500 copies, special edition that features lots of fucking cool stuff:

This just puts more anticipation to the release date, good thing they’re releasing these kind of cool-looking vinyls and special edition items, to make it more appealing for people to actually BUY and SUPPORT the band. KICK-MOTHERFUCKING-ASS

If I know a band that does things the right way, that one band must be Carcass.

You can go to http://shop.nuclearblast.com/en/shop/item/groups/51000.1.html?article_group_sort_type_handle=rank&custom_keywords=carcass to pre-order any of these marvelous creatures that hold within endless eargasms.


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