Felix Martin – SPAM II Official Video.

“Felix Martin? Nah man, who’s that dude?” might be the natural response to the question I haven’t yet questioned  you with such questions.

Do you know Felix Martin? If you don’t, you shouldn’t feel ashamed, I’m just starting to know him myself.

“But what’s good about him, his music or whatever you’re posting him for?” Well, many of us struggle to dominate a 6-string instrument, the lesser of you might struggle with a 4-string instrument, but what about a 14-string guitar? Yeah, Felix Martin dominates it the right way.

Check him out playing fucking complex things with both of his hands.

For those of you that do not understand what the hell he’s doing, well, lemme explain you that in order to produce the sound he does not use a “pick” but instead he uses his fingers and a technique called Tapping, which consists of using the tip of your fingers on the frets in order to produce the notes, this is actually a really hard technique to master, so kudos to this man for doing so with such an exquisite technique and elocuence with the instrument. You can note that the music is very progressive and melodic mixed with some heavy passages and chilly jazz influences here and there so let’s just hope the whole album is the same way.
You can see Felix really enjoys doing what he does so  that’s the most important thing. Always do what you love.

Spam II takes part of his upcoming studio debut The Scenic Album out September 17 via Prosthetic Records. 

The tracklist of the album is as follows:

01. The Tango I
02. The Tango II
03. The Tango III
04. Spam II
05. Triangle Tune
06. High Spirit
07. Viroliano Tries Prog
08. Viroliano Tries Jazz
09. Viroliano Tries Metal
10. Eleven Drums
11. 2 AM

You can Pre-order it Here and like his Official Facebook Page to support him Here

And yes, Marco Minnemann is on drums, you guessed right.


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