Keith Merrow and Jeff Loomis cool new project “Conquering Dystopia”.

We (you) all know Jeff Loomis, right? yeah, for sure, but some of you may not be very familiar with Keith Merrow, Well, let me introduce him to you, he’s a very fine musician, guitarist mainly, you can visit his Official YouTube Account to get familiar with him and know what his style is all about.

But what about all of this? What’s this all about? Well, it’s about these two dude’s new musical project called Conquering Dystopia, an instrumental, guitar-based metal music project headed by these two, but what about the bass and drums? Who might dare to step up and fill-in? (Hint: Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse on Bass Guitar and Alex Rudinger from The Faceless Will play drums).

The pair realized that, in order to release something without any label support in any level whatsoever they had to get that kind of “support” (money *wink, wink*) somewhere else, from the fans, perhaps?. Yeap, that’s where I’m going to with all of this writing, the couple posted a video asking for that kind of Support from the fans, here’yago:

You can go to to pledge support for the cause. A funny (and good, mostly good) thing is that they pledged for $15,000 and 39 days away from the deadline they have almost doubled that amount with a sum that goes as high as almost 27 grand, no biggie.

These kind of new “Kickstarters” websites are helping people out every day more and more, which is good, and in fact is a nice way for musicians to release music in a much more “freely” way, not involving big companies or labels (which only seek for the dough, knowwhatImean?).

Here’s what they offered people who helped them through their IndieGoGo campaign: (if you fancy anything, you can help them out aswell, it can do no harm at all)

  • $5- Simple donation. Everything helps! For $5 you will have helped our cause, and in return, you have our gratitude, and a virtual high five. We appreciate your “bronation!”
  • $10- Digital download of the album (high quality format)
  • $15- Digital download and signature guitar picks from Jeff and Keith (does not include shipping)
  • $30- Making of DVD, plus digital download (does not include shipping)
  • $40- T-shirt and digital download (does not include shipping)
  • $50- Deluxe Pack- DVD, shirt, album download, picks (does not include shipping)
  • $75- Limited press vinyl (signed copy), plus Deluxe Pack (does not include shipping)
  • $100- 1 hour Skype lesson with Keith, download (5 available)
  • $150- 1 Hour Skype lesson with Jeff, download (5 available)
  • $250- A set of guitar pickups that were used to record the album (does not include shipping)
  • $300- Autographed KM Overdrive pedal, plus Deluxe Pack (does not include shipping) (3 available)
  • $500- Dinner with Jeff and Keith at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle (we’ll pay for dinner, travel costs notincluded) (2 available)
  • $1000- Jeff Loomis guest solo on your song (2 available)
  • $1500- Keith and Jeff will write a song just for you (or a friend), titled: For “your name here” and do a video performance of said song.
  • $2500- (each) Autographed Schecter 7-string guitar used on the album, plus Deluxe Pack, 2 available (one from Jeff, one from Keith)

I wouldn’t go as far as paying for their guitars or having Jeff playing a guest solo on any of my songs (which I don’t have by the way) But a little support can go along the way! everything counts.
Hope you guys and your new project releases some sweet riffs and shreddy-ass solos!.



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