Carcass – Captive bolt pistol track review.

Well oh well, my oh my, right?. Ha!. FINALLY! FINALLY some new Carcass stuff, and let me tell you, it ain’t no weak shit, it ain’t no bitchy song and surely it ain’t no trend-following song that relies on sparkly shit to get noticed and just sounds pretty for our little and pretty ears, NOPE!! It’s just straight up Carcass right up into your ass, plus they haven’t lost the touch with the naming of the songs.

They were even so kind enough with us that you can get this song for free going Here. How sweet is that?.

The song is cool, it has that “old” touch to it but with a “newer” production in a way, which just enhances the sound, depth and the meaning of this all, it sounds fucking sweet. Some might say that it’s “too polished” for a death metal band and that they’ve lost it (and I have heard that, actually), but I find the opposite to be truth, a better production can only do good things for you and your music, everything you hear is cleaner and clearer, which is the case with this one (comparing it with the ’88 and ’89 records, for example) I think it adds its touch. Again, “the old meets the new”.

With all that being said, I have to note how much carcass have changed their sound throughout all these years and releases (and obviously because of the fact that they haven’t released anything in 16 years and because of the new members “adding” their “touch” to the music aswell, for the worst or for the better). Yeah, maybe some of you can agree with me with the little fact that they’ve grown apart a little bit from the Grindcore style – just a little bit – and have become closer to Death Metal (since some of their past albums actually, much more with this song and maybe with the whole album) but this still rocks. It has some of Carcass’s trademark sounding style, although this one sounds so much better produced altogether. It is like a totally different thing but within the same guidelines, it is weird to explain, but easy to hear, so hear we shall, shall we?.

The song opens with a slow intro that features power chords and cymbals, simple. It soon builds into a good ol’ Carcass™ song with a cool guitar riff, a ripping voice along with a “hardcore-ish” drum pattern, some blast beats will follow and that thing just plays “back and forth” for a moment until the first guitar solo kicks in, it is “slow” (for Carcass) and melodic, some vocal parts intrudes and interrupts it, that very part, when interrupting the solo and leaving bare power chords and a kickass drumming mixing together with the cool and harsh voice is my favourite part of the song. Later on, the guitar carries on with its work with another solo, the second solo is faster and “shreddier”, they both are cool but I liked most the second one. Towards the end the song sounds just so much more cooler than ever and the outro is fucking sweet. The end. <bummer>

So bottom line, it doesn’t matter if you’re an old Carcass fan, an “old Carcass” Carcass fan or if you don’t even know jack shit about Carcass or the “old Carcass” Carcass, I’m sure you’ll grow fond of this one little track. Go for it!.

You can pre-order album Surgical steel Here.


Oh, hai there!, fancy a cup of tea?.


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