Julia Kosterova and her new EP Springs of Time.

If you’re anything like me, then you like instrumental electric guitar-themed music, but this is something else. Julia Kosterova, a Russian guitar player that is not all that well-known that much surely is something else.

She’s the real thing, she’s not like every most female guitar players that rely 90% in looks, 9% in how popular they are on the internet and 1% in how really they play and execute their instrument. She’s not like them, relying solely on superficial things. (Although she can). Girl got skills.

The cool thing about her music is that it’s not only her shredding the guitar’s neck and fucking raping the strings, but about her collaborating to the music as a whole, that’s so cool keeping in mind that it’s not a band but a solo project, that shows how focused she’s into delivering something that sounds fresh and cool and not choking and suffocating us with guitar notes 24/7. That leads to a heavy guitar-themed album but at the same time it leads to an album that’s filled with other things, keyboards, basses and drums that can freely express themselves without out-shining the main instrument. It is a real good blend with all the instruments.

Springs of Time was released a while back (on april 22nd) and sounds freaking cool and really well produced, the guitar’s tone is amazing.
It also has some pretty average musicians as collaborators and special guests. . . *wink,wink* such as:

  • Derek Sherinian
  • Chris Buck
  • Rufus Philpot
  • Michael Devin
  • Marco Minnemann
  • Brian Tichy

It’s cool how these dudes listed above not only collaborated to the music but also gave their uniqueness to it, I don’t think I have to note where and when, but oh my it’s there. (You can hear it, right?.)

You can hear some songs right here:

Dat trademark drum intro, amiright? *self high-five*

With all this being said, if you like her music, support her and buy her albums or something. That can be done going Here. Visit her official website Here and like her Official Facebook Page Here.

Hopefully she’ll get bigger and bigger for the right reasons and not because of manly men wanting b00bs.


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