# 11-15.

Metalgrid paint

#11. Angra – Temple of Hate (2004)

These Brazilian guys are the lord and masters in their kind, doing a pretty unique metal mixing guitars and melodic voices with native Brazilian folk (and not so folk) music to mix them both in just one song. Temple of Hate is, to me, their best album yet, you can’t get enough of it, every single song in it kicks fucking ass. You won’t find another album like this one, believe me, this one has it all, from classical guitars executions with flawless technique to dual guitar solos that are both melodically and so complex that blow your mind, tracks that have a great drumming going on in them and a bassist, dude, that bassist, fuck… dude!!. The vocalist rules also. You can try o find anything that somewhat resembles this music, but you won’t find this music anywhere else, I’d bet on that.

Favourite tracks: Deus le  volt/Spread your fire, Temple of Hate and The Shadow Hunter.

# 12. Arch Enemy – Wages of Sin (2001)

Well, what can we say about these Swedish dudes with a German kickass frontman girl, huh?. There aren’t enough words to describe the music these dudes play, brothers Abott know their shit and know how to execute them, how blend guitar solos that range from melodic ones to fucking ear-destroyers ones, accompanied by a drummer that is exquisite both in technique as well as when it comes to drum patterns composition, a powerful bass adds to it the best way possible and a pretty kick-ass little girl that screams like a fucking Demon. They kick ass live as well. Their line-up has had some minor changes throughout these more than 15 years, showing how solid they really are. Wages of Sin is one mother fucker of an album, enough said.

Favourite track: Burning Angel.

# 13. Black Sabbath – Paranoid (1970)

Sabbath is Sabbath, I suppose ( and I do believe) They need no introduction, right? Paranoid is the ONE album that started it all, in a big way, though some may claim some bands have done it in the past, that Sabbath weren’t the first doing this music, blah,blah. FUCK OFF! Sabbath were, are and will continue to be THAT band that, no matter what, who or where, everyone will listen and remember them until the end, they’ll never fade out, they will, I assure you, Always listened to. This little preciousness went QUADRUPLE PLATINUM, beat that. You just Can’t name yourself a metal fan and not listen to these guys. Although they may not be your favourite, but we all are in debt with them, since they are the four dudes that did it the best way possible when no one else was even doing it. MUST.

Favourite whole album: Paranoid in its whole wholeness. Really, it’d be sacrilegous not to list the whole masterpiece.

# 14. Onslaught – Killing Peace (2004)

This thrash band from the English motherland is a band that, although kicks some major ass, was/is forgotten by many. I don’t know how they manage to do this great music and not get the credit they truly deserve, it makes me wonder about many things, it is just so unfair that these dudes are almost strangers to most hard-core thrash fans and yet, deliver the most amazing thrash music you’ll ever find, and I truly mean THRASH, not that metal disguised as thrash that may have some features or similarities here and there but in reality is nothing but a façade, nope, these dudes are the real thing. Killing Peace was released in 2007, 18 years later from their latest album.
Although this album is fairly new it sounds so fucking killer, and contains Onslaught’s signature thrash sound still inside of them, their earlier records sound beastly as well. They reunited in 2004 after their break-up in 1991.

Favourite track: Killing Peace, Pain, Tested to Destruction

# 15. Amon Amarth – With Oden on our Side (2006)

Amon… Amarth? Nah, that name does not sound any bell… NOT! These Viking dudes are IT! Formed in 1992 only to release their debut album in 1998 and not stopping ever since (hope they never stop) Mixing Norse mythology with kick ass macho metal the only way they know how to, the right way (Which happen to be the way we all like and love) and giving metal a good reputation worldwide.
These dudes have so many epic albums that it’d be a crime just to name one, that’s why they will appear many times in this list. With Oden on Our Side was the album I first heard about them, that’s why it has a little spot in my KVLT heart.

Favourite track: Cry of the Black Birds.


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