Megadeth – Super Collider album review.

Album: Super Collider

Band: Megadeth (U.S.A.).

Released: 04/June/2013


1) Kingmaker

2) Super Collider

3) Burn!

4) Built for War

5) Off the Edge

6) Dance in the Rain

7) The beginning of Sorrow

8) The Blackest Crow

9) Forget to Remember

10) Dont turn your back…

11) Cold Sweat ( Thin Lizzy cover)

Length: 45:14.

What happened Megadeth? :( You used to be so cool and popular!! Where did all the thrash go? All the cool solos? Where did the cool songs went? Why did Marty Friedman left!! Super Collider has none in it whatsoever, as much as I like Megadeth, I just can’t let the biased me take over my judgment, man, what happened!!.

I won’t be doing a track by track review of this album because I don’t have enough positive things to say about each track individually so I rather say nothing at all than talking shit about them one by one. Everything you read here is to be taken as a “whole”, except when noted.

If you’re looking for a thrashing all around album, you’re looking in a place where you won’t find that. This is not for you, however, since I tend to find the good things in everything and not only the bad things (and it would be certainly unfair just to point out the negative/bad things supercollider has), I have to say this album is not all that bad if you look at it in some “Hard Rock/Heavy Metal” point of view. It is not their worst material, but is sounds very different. Actually, I don’t think I could compare it to anything else they’ve released ‘cause every other released, though “bad” or good as they could be, they were definitely heavier than this, so it has no point of comparison with anything Megadeth has ever done in the past. I think this is the direction Megadeth has taken with every new release, and everything they’ve done has led them to this point.

It is not horrible, but it is not brilliant either. It has some tracks that are fairly decent actually, ones that I would never expect to be written and released by Megadeth like The blackest crow, The banjo and Fiddle in it really gives the song its touch, it is very non-megadeth. It’s listenable but not a jewel among all-coal songs.  The ones I enjoyed the most were Kingmaker and Don’t turn your back… just to some extent. With that being said, it doesn’t mean I’ll listen to them on a daily basis. I don’t think that’ll ever happen.

I find the songs are in the middle of nowhere, they start and could be great, but they get lost down the way and end in the middle of nowhere. Ending in something that isn’t great, just so-so, warm, something with a clear intention that never gets to really fully develop, ending in something very unclear and full of doubts. It is very inconsistent and doesn’t deliver any, really, anything in a damn straight way.

The things I liked in the albums were:

  • Some of the guitar solos (in Burn! And Built for war, for example mustaine’s voice in built for war is something I want to forget – ),
  • Track Kingmaker.
  • The opening Bass line for Beginning of Sorrow.
  • The blackest crow’s intro and some moments in the song.
  • That little guitar work in Forget to Remember.
  • The solo in Cold Sweat and some passages here and there.

On the other hand, what I didn’t like:

  • I really didn’t like the voice in any of the tracks, not only because Mustaine’s voice is on a downfall but because the melody lines of the voice aren’t something I find amusing, they do not add to it, if anything, it makes it worst.
  • The opening (and most) of the song Dance in the rain (though I have to accept it has a moment in it that is “cool”)
  • Most of the lyrics and the music in it, I find them very, very generic and – not trying to be a dick- not much thought behind it.

The album has the production, has the musicians, it has it all to be an epic thrash album all by itself, it has everything but the actual (thrash) songs/anthems in it. It doesn’t has an argument to say “this is a Masterpiece” and lot of arguments (that stand out the moment you hear it) to say “this is not the best album they could’ve come up with” (among many other things that aren’t as polite as that one sentence, actually).

The thing that happens to me with Super collider, as a whole (with some exceptions) is that its music has nothing to do with the previous music released by Megadeth, for example. It would really kill the mood in live gigs, imagine they’re playing Peace Sells followed by Wake up dead and Headcrusher and then all of a sudden and out of the blue, Super Collider kicks in. It would kill the mood for sure, although not being that much of a bad track, but rather a not-so-good one, it’s very boring and would ruin everything, at least from my point of view, that would happen with most of the songs in this album.

But you know what? As a fan, this is just my opinion, Dave and the rest of the band might be happy with the ending result of the new album, and that’s all that matters, as long as they’re happy with it and as long as they keep on playing their old anthems live, I’m happy with it. Though I just can’t overlook the fact that the records they’re releasing are dropping out in quality of the songs in it, despite that, I respect them for doing what they want instead of just blindly pleasing their fans instead of doing music that pleases them.

Super collider has some really rare features (plus the curiosity) in it, just enough to make it somewhat interesting and appealing to the listener to listen to it at least once, but not enough to save its ass from my eternal oblivion, I’m sorry man, I was really hoping this album, and the rest of the songs, would turn the tables around completely from the opinion the track Super Collider gave to every listener. And while it really has some better tracks than the one mentioned before, which it kinda does, not every song is like Super Collider but it doesn’t contains ANY song that really stands out among the other ones and makes me wanna listen to it again and again. Supercollider has some things within in that are very bold (since after all it is Megadeth) which is also good, but the overall feeling of the album just won’t cut it, it needs more. There’s not a single track that gives me that “oh, that’s cool” or “hmmm, interesting” feel. Not a single one. Maybe just some certain few moments of a few songs.

Bottom line Super Collider proved to us it was all we were thinking about it and more, linear songs with default structures and not anything much else left to comment. No surprises, no nothing, just some radio-friendly songs and that’s it.

Remember, all of this is behind the idea of judging a Thrash album, it has none. But if we judge it as a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal album, it has some pleasing moments, although very few, it has them. I think Mustaine wanted to give his music a different vibe, building another Megadeth sounding style from scratch, I think he wanted to “move on” and tried to do a more different sounding music, with broader musical influences and, although being heavy, not that heavy/thrashy centred. If he wanted that, he achieved it, not fully, but did. Also, If he wanted to upset the fans, he certainly did.

I wanna make it clear that I’m not a hater, it’s not the fact that Megadeth really has changed beyond recognition with this one. It is not the fact that I don’t support bands wanting to change, to grow up, to evolve and to reach out for new horizon with their music, it’s not about that at all, for fuck’s sake, I even support that. It’s just that, me, as a listener I’m just not that amazed by it and the simple fact that the music that’s inside Super Collider just doesn’t appeals to me all that much. It’s as simple as that. This is just my opinion.

I still love you guys to death but I don’t think I’ll ever listen to some tracks contained in Super Collider. I’ll act just as I acted with Metallica, I’ll still support you guys and go to your gigs, but I won’t be listening and/or buying this album. I respect your decision to release this, though.



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