Yes, there’s still some hope out there, Dawn of Dementia proves it to us (in the better of ways).


I was browsing the web today and I found this one video of a band called “Dawn of Dementia” “Well, what can I lose?, worst case scenario I can make fun of them for being fat” (although none is fat) I Said to myself and proceeded to watch. Once the video started the little dudes playing in it seemed like, well, little dudes… But once the music started, oh boy, they weren’t so little anymore, let me tell you about that, haha.
While being techny as fuck, the music doesn’t reach that “WOULD YOU FUCKING STOP IT!” obnoxious techny-level where there are so many things going on that it’s not all that appealing to hear,even difficult to focus. Y’know what I mean? Justnoise

It’s musically rich, the bass really adds (rhyme, dawgh!) and it has space for everything in it, while the vocal dude is doing his vocal dude stuff and singing his lungs out, you can hear the band’s backing him up and making him space to sing in peace at the same time, they don’t smother each other, like so many bands in the genre do. “Just fucking play like there’s no tomorrow and do fast stuff so it seems like we’re cool”, things like that do not happen with Dawn of Dementia, they have an intention and a goal collectively. (at least to me, many might differ with my opinion fuckthosewhodo,I’mthelaw).

Another cool thing is/are the solos, the guitar and bass (together with the drums) seem to be in harmony together, not like a race or a competition, but helping each other to both shine on its own and as a whole. That’s something really good, and it’s well-made, I think if that was the intention, they really achieved that.

Please, do listen to them, they’re not just another band you hear and then close the window and you suddenly forgot completely who they were. They accomplish so many things with their music, evoking lots of feelings, not just I’ll fucking destroy you and cool gym songs, but some really well achieved music filled with lots of nuances in it with lots of influences in it as well, just to mix it all together and get the best of both worlds (just like Hanna Montana said in her song).

These little fellas have some pretty good and awesome talent. All they have to do is keep on playing together like they are at the moment and nothing but good things are going to happen to them, keep it up little dudes!. Help them Liking their Official Facebook Page and further help them buying their music HERE, listen to more music by them on their Official YouTube Page

[Please don’t take the humour literally or seriously.]



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