Eshtadur – Stay Away From Evil And Get Close To Me album review.

Careful: the next big thing is ahead, proceed to read and hear at your own risk. Sofa King Metal does not makes itself responsible for blown away brains.

Many could claim that, when discovering cool new bands that are from South America, how “Metal has spreaded all over the world these last years” and all that stuff, but let me tell you, as a Chilean, South America has always had a very cool and diverse metal scene with one of the best crowds in the whole world, ever wondered why so many bands come to South America to record live DVDs? There you have the answer. The thing that’s lacking in our scene is a better production overall, but the prime material is there, yes it is.

Well, Eshtadur, hailing from the country of coffee, Colombia (a bad joke, never mind it) has really, really surprised me in the best of ways, with good music. I don’t know what I was really expecting but they truly blew me away, they surely have the prime material. Their album Stay Away From Evil And Get Close To Me really shows what one can do with pure talent and the desire to do actual music.
Although the production may not be the best out there, it is really, really good. There are just a few times where I find the vocals could have been recorded in a better way but you can overlook that thing due to the fact that the songs are really this well executed and really kick some major midget ass.
Let me add I don’t know where this dude got those vocal growls from, but they fucking rule.

This album also has lots of experimental and melodic gestures hidden within it, with really cool little features that give the songs a totally different vibe and feeling, making them even awesome-er.

The album kicks in with Beyond the Shadows and doesn’t make you wonder, it goes straight into action from second 1 ‘til it ends. It has many sides to it, a harsh one, going all in and a very melodic one. No better album opener in it than this song, good choice.

The song which also bears the same name as the album, Stay away from evil and get close to me starts with one badass blast beat that leads to a harsh vocal part with cool guitar works and some piano sounding in the back, which at some point starts to sound alone, with nothing to back it up, playing a short melody that soon is copied by a distorted guitar and doubled vocal tracks performing some killer growls, towards the ending of the song is my favourite part.

Another Alien Messiah starts with some kind of mystic atmosphere that soon develops into a metal fest. I’m really digging the “dual” growls, “piercing”. The guitar solo is really weird, but it somehow fits the song perfectly.

In the song Abigor I really like the guitar riff in the beginning, I like how it changes and turns into a very different thing from the beginning and until the end. Again, the guitar solos are whacky as hell, I don’t know how but they fit the songs pretty decently, in every other song these solos would feel out-of-place, but not here, they somehow fit, haha.

Nightmare in a Church is somewhat both slow and creepy in the beginning, it starts really shyly with piano melodies here and there being played over heavily distorted power chords. It then turns into a little piece of music with some progressive taints in it, the drums and vocals are pretty cool. The solo this time is really cool; playing something that makes sense and goes in with the song.

Son of a Witch must have the most headbangeable beat in it in the whole album, those drums and vocals mixed together with the guitars form a really cool “whole” and you can’t help it but to move your feet, head, hands, anything. You just CAN’T help it. Really enjoyable little track. It reminds me to some early death metal sounding bands. My favourite track of the album.

Take me to the Morgue starts with a piano phrase that’s repeated and set the guidelines for how the song will be in its entirely duration, it sounds really spooky, kinda evoke a gothic-like feeling, the same feel which the track also closes with. A piano alone with a phrase that repeats constantly, giving a dismal feel, obviously with some sick metal work in the middle. Around 2 minutes into the song starts the best part of it in my humble and honest opinion, until it ends.
The most interesting song in the album to me.

The girl who hated a priest starts with a both very pretty and dark melody. I love how it explodes and goes from that melodic part into a very good track. It follows the same path the album has taken with the past 7 songs, pure and raw metal that goes directly from your ears to your veins. I love the thing they do with the piano melodies somewhat “hidden” and in the background while the fucking metal is rocking. Cool guitar work accompanied with the melodies by the end of it. It ends like a fucking truck running over everything.

And then, the album ends with the same song it starts with, but in a Spanish version of it. Mas allá de las sombras (Beyond the Shadows), It’s cool how it gives a “different song altogether” kind of feel just by changing the language they sing in. As stated before, cool track.

Overall this album was pretty good, it surprised me in a good way, I can honestly say these guys have earned in just law another fan they can add to their collection.
I don’t end with an “it could’ve been so much more” feeling after listening to it in its full expression, well, nope. It is what it is, and it is a kickass album. That I can assure you.
It has nothing to envy legendary bands that have been around 20+ years a round.

It is never boring,never linear, it is full of surprises, it progresses as the time goes and songs are very fresh. These dudes deserve more recognition because of the monster album they’ve created. A very cool, melodic, progressive in some passages and extreme as fuck metal album.
Worthy of standing among the big ones.

Album Stay Away From Evil And Get Close To Me will be released in june 2013 (I don’t know the exact date, excuse me for that one little detail). But you can (and I recommend you to do so) follow Eshtadur on their Official Facebook Page to find out more about them and the album’s release.


Fellow Colombians, as a fellow Chilean, you can honestly (and must) be proud of Eshtadur, they really do deserve it. They’re onto bigger things now.


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