# 6-10.

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#6. Spastic ink – Ink complete (1997)

HOLY SHIT! These dudes! For real, Spastic Ink, dude, these guys are one of the best in their style and kind. Progressive metal to the next fucking level. Ink Compatible, released in 1997 is the holy grail of progressive stuff. Brothers Ron (Blotted science) and Bobby (Riot, Halford) Jarzombek are the perfect fit for it, destroying the drums and shredding on the guitar. Pete Perez’s bass is actually mind-blowing as well. This is one hell of a band one would like never to cease releasing stuff and putting on live shows, sadly, they parted ways in 2004, good thing for us, since they’re brothers, we can always expect something in the future. They released only two albums. Total must.

Favourite track: The mad data race.

#7. Deep Purple – Machine head (1972)

We’re going  way back in time with this one, Deep Purple really did things the RIGHT way in this album (and with the ones that came before and many more to come later than this album as well, I have to say). This little piece of art contains lots of Anthems of our parent’s generation and ours as well, songs like Highway Star, Smoke on the water and Lazy, dude, such cool songs that started big things in an all-around and great album overall, no matter the way you look at it or the point of view you use, Machine Head = Great. As simple as that.

Favourite track: Highway Star.

#8. Wolfchant – Bloody Tales of Disgraced Lands (2005)

Little is known about these German folker dudes by most of us mere mortals but these guys have it, they have what it needs to make pretty kick-ass songs and albums, and they use it, proof for that is every album they’ve released so far, this very album, proofs it even more. Indeed a very cool album. Filled with 13 songs that will blow you away for sure, filled with folk and metal equally. Epicness guaranteed.

Although not everyone’s most preferred metal sub-genre, it’s definitely worth to listen to it, you won’t regret it at all, in fact, you’ll end up loving them as much as I do.

Favourite track(s): a tie between I am war and Mourning Red. 

#9. Carcass – Descanting the Insalubrious (1991)

Well, it’s Carcass, what else do you want me to say? … Do you honestly want me to say something about them?. These dudes should’ve never stopped releasing great albums after great album in the first place. Descanting the Insalubrious is one of my favourite albums by them, not that their other albums are cooler in a lesser way but this has a little spot in my heart especially just for this one piece of gold.
I have to note fucking great drumming work performed by Ken Owens, Corporeal jigsore quandary, anyone?. And every musician playing, actually, great musicians.
I believe this was the first album to feature Michael Amott as a member of the band, adding even more to it.

Favourite track: Corporeal Jigsore Quandary

#10. Annihilator – Alice in Hell (1989)

The one album that started it all, legendary band Annihilator is a great Canadian thrash band that fucking ROCKS but hasn’t got the acknowledgement and recognition it really deserves, only in these present days fans are showing some more love to them, which is deserved.

This one has it all, starting from that classic guitar opening song Crystal Ann to fucking destroyer riffs and guitar solos. Most people just know track Alison Hell, but it is so much more than just one great track.

It’s not just a great thrashy album but a very technical one as well. I think this one beats most of the albums that were made in the same year, yet, no recognition at all, shame on you all!, guys, really.

Favourite tracks: Crystal Ann, W.T.Y.D.


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