Listen to the full new EP “8” by Uneven Structure

That’s right guys, French band Uneven Structures are re-releasing their EP “8” (originally released in 2009). 24 minutes or pure awesomeness.

This shit really sounds tight, dawgh, can you hear and recognize some of their influences? I bet you can. It sounds so fucking awesome, you must do yourself a favour and listen to this crazy-good EP.

If you’ve heard already the EP 8 that was released in 2009, you’ll be surprised by how changed it actually sounds, it’s not just like a normal re-release, this shit it’s totally different altogether, with better production and a hearing-worthy voice this time. However, the 2009 EP really sounds more harsh, well. they’re both pretty cool, but I like this one better, I like well-produced songs rather than more unproduced and unpolished ones.
The new released EP shines by its recording quality, it’s flawless from that point of view.

Nice “ambient” sounding songs, with lots of changes, progressiveness and complexity to its core.

I can’t think of any other better way of spending 24 minutes of my life and not ending up with a “I’ve been ripped off” feeling, other than listening to this and maybe watch some midget porn.

EP will be out June 3rd. you can find out more info. about and Uneven Structures as a band going to their Official Facebook page.


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