CHTHONIC, the Taiwanese dudes that Rock.

Chthonic? What? I thought it was Cthulu, man.
I was one of those dudes not so long ago too, knew shit about this Taiwanese band called Chtonic (閃靈樂團). But they’re cool as phuck.

It’s so cool how things change with the modern times we’re living today, where people from all around the world are opening to every music style, and much cooler when they actually MAKE music, especially when it’s Metal and even especially-er when it’s THIS cool. I know there have always been Asian rock and metal bands but it seems like the numbers are rapidly rising, which can’t be bad, I’m cool with that. Chthonic, for example, one might think they’re newcomers, since they were totally strangers for us just a little while back, but they have been around for the past 15 years or so, not too shabby, huh?.

The great thing they do as well is mix the western influence with the eastern, mixing Metal music with Asian traditional music and influences, they even use Asian instruments in some of their songs. Another sweet thing I have to note about Chtonic, though they do sing in English as well, is that they sing in their native tongue, Taiwanese. Though I can’t understand a single shit when they do, it gives its uniqueness to the sound and how the music ends up being perceived by us, non-Taiwanese speakers. It’s a great mix, since they just could sing in English all the time and be heard by a wider audience just with that little fact (believe me, there are people who doesn’t listen to certain bands just because they “don’t sing in English”, how lame is that shit?), it’s great how they don’t give up on their language, tradition and asian pride and identity, kudos to them.

I’m not that much of a fan of the aesthetic part of the group though, but what can we do? That’s clearly some of the Asian influence, but I couldn’t care less about that when the music they do is this kick-ass.

Sail into the Sunset’s Fire Music video.

To whoever that gave a zero fucks and didn’t read the article, let me resume it to you in 3 simple words. Great, Metal, Boobs. Need I say more?


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