Anvil – Hope in hell album review.

Well guys, I’ll do a review of this new album by Canadian heavy metal band Anvil. Hope in Hell, their fifteenth studio album, they’ve released plenty, right?.

Here’s the full album stream, just in case if you haven’t already listened to it, which would be weird ’cause it’s been literally everywhere. Listen to some couple songs so you can catch the vibe of the album.

Album: Hope in Hell.

Band: Anvil (Canada).

Released: 24/May/2013.


1) Hope in Hell

2) Eat Your Words

3) Through With You

4) The Fight is Never Won

5) Pay the Toll

6) Flying

7) Call of Duty

8) Badass Rock ‘n Roll

9) Time Shows no mercy

10) Mankind Machine

11) Shut the Fuck up

12) Hard Wired (bonus)

13) Fire at Will (bonus)

Length: 1:00:53.

One very positive thing I can say is the quality of the production is very amazing, it is not like some of their previous albums, which lacked the popularity because of that one thing, mediocre production, (some of) the songs were there, but the production wasn’t. The mix is very pleasing, the guitar tone is very well blended in with the music and you can hear everything clearly enough so you can enjoy it. Drums are pretty well damn recorded as well, sounding pretty cool, I like how the snare drum sounds. The voice, although I’ve never really digged that much Lips’s voice (and probably never will), fits pretty well within the record, and it’s kinda like their trademark, it wouldn’t be the same if Lips wasn’t on vocals. This must be one of Anvil’s very best sounding albums in my humble opinion, but not their best material so far.

Instrumentally, well, what can we say? Robb’s drumming is awesome as always, and sounding even more kick-assery this one time, you can hear everything very clear. Guitar solos are pretty cool as well, though we know Lip’s technique isn’t the best one out there, he does the job. The solos are pretty cool and very well executed this time, The fight is never won is a song I can quote as an example for the idea stated before, guitars fit perfectly but with time you get a little tired of some of the solos due to the fact that some of the resources used in them are almost always the same and very repetitive (like the one-note bends played over and over). the riffing is pretty cool but as much as I like the solos, some of them sound somehow very alike, and that’s something I just can’t overlook. (not all of them,though, there are some very original solos too, I have to say).
The only downside I could see with this album from the instrumental part is that the bass lacks presence, it’s just there, doesn’t brings much and doesn’t feels like it adds that much, if anything, to the songs. It is there, yes, you can hear it, but it doesn’t shine, it doesn’t do a damn thing besides playing the root of the chords. That’s bad, kids.

Vocally, well, yeah, it lacks a lot, Lips’s voice is just not for me, the melodies of the voice aren’t all that great either and the choruses are not as catchy as I’ve heard in some Anvil material. Lyrics aren’t the strongest ones they’ve pulled out either, I’m afraid.

With all that being said, there are some good riffs and some heavy metal party going on in this album.
Flying‘s drum intro followed by that guitar riff and little solo let’s you know immediately it’s gonna be a great song. This happens a lot actually, Time shows no mercy follows the same guidelines, and I don’t mean it in some bad way, nope, I’m mean it in a good way.
Mankind Machine is a track of the album I love only from the instrumental part, I’m sorry but I can’t stand the voice in that one song, the solo is pretty short -yet- very cool. The intro of Hard Wired is also pretty cool, but the same happens with me, the voice kills it.

Overall, I can see why they picked Hope in Hell as the album’s name, since the opening song, which carries the same name as the album, is to me, together with Flying, the strongest tracks in the album. It’s a pretty well-made album, very well executed and original in the riffing and drum rhythms and fills, some solos not all that much, and the bass could’ve been so much more, that’s the only real bad part of the album, as I’ve said before.

Hope in Hell proves they still got it, releasing this time a pretty sweet album, not my favourite by any means, but pretty good, listenable and enjoyable by fans of the band and the genre. Although it’s pretty cool and “Anvil-ish” to death, it’s not my style. See, the thing that happens to me with Anvil is that, when a song starts, it’s great, they sound great and all that stuff, but once the voice kicks in, it’s like the worst and ultimate turn-off ever possible, to me at least. Anvil fans will love this album nonetheless.

I have to note, however, I really don’t know how they got away with putting in the album the song Through with you, it resembles a hard rock anthem we all know, right?, and it isn’t like it’s just a little alike, nope, when I heard the opening riff, all I could think of was Smoke on the water, I still can’t think of anything else even after hearing it several times already. They could get sued by that, hope they don’t ’cause they’d lose for sure, brah.



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