The side of Christopher Amott not everyone knows about

Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy

Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone knows Christopher Amott, right?. Well, if you don’t know him, you should.
Chris Amott is a kick-ass guitar player and musician from Sweden, also brother to Michael Amott.

Many just know about him for his extreme guitar riffs and solos he did when he was a part of Arch Enemy (from 1996, the band’s foundation until 2012, taking a little rest from 2005 to 2007), along with his brother Michael. Well, not many knows but Chris is the man, dude. He was also a part of a band called Armageddon (which you have to check out INMEDIATELY) and now he has released 2 albums as a solo artist.

Here’s a song from his solo work, really sweet in the guitar parts  but I really would change the vocal parts, not digging them all that much to be honest, but it’s cool as a whole. It is not as extreme as his older material but it’s cool nonetheless

Chris really has many sides to him as a musician and as a guitar player, he knows his place and really knows what to do, when to do and how to do it. That’s something not every guitar player has. He could fucking destroy the guitar neck because of his shredding skills (which he does sometimes), but he does his guitar parts in function of the music, not the other way around. And that’s cool. Since most guitar players just wanna be heard and called “cool” because of what they do with their instrument.

I really miss the days when the brothers shredded in Arch Enemy, but people need to really do what they love, and it seems like Chris really does love what he’s doing right now with his solo career, though I really want him back to play beautiful melodies (and some not so much) with Michael and the guys in Arch Enemy again.

And here’s a cool video of Chris and Michael shredding it out, just for the old day’s sake.

shit I love this song live.


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