“The old days”. Are there less great bands nowadays? I think so.

Kill ‘em all, Killing is my business, Raining blood, Maiden, Priest. Oh, the golden era, man!.

Yeah, remember those old days? where every fucking band we heard was amazing and rocked the world? early Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, the shit!. But it seems like these days are long past gone, huh? Yeah, I do feel that way too. It isn’t hard at all to find Bands, I could pick up a rock and find from 20 to 35 bands under that one rock alone (ranging from all genres). But it is definitely harder to find Bands that will in a couple of years become Legends, those types of bands truly ARE harder to find nowadays.

And I have this theory, in the early days, God (for the epics only) created good and bad bands equally, they coexisted and inhabited the same world scene, good bands took off but as bad bands didn’t make the test of time, they sunk, ending with a bitter taste in their mouths and a big BURNING feel in their asses (AKA they sucked).
This is the case today as well, but today those sucky bands that would have never been listened to and had no places to show their music,well, now they have YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, RedTube and all those things that let everyone, no matter how good or bad, beautiful or Fugly, let him/she/it spread the word about his/her/its music. Maybe they won’t make it either, sinking as well and ending with the bitterest taste in their mouths ever possible, but they are being listened because of that fact. No matter what, they’re there and you can listen to them.

Internet has allowed these bands to be spreaded, but the bad side for them/somewhat good for us is the fact that internet doesn’t forget, so be careful with what you upload, ‘cause some of your “ART” might end up serving just to get a little laugh out of us and feed lots of trolls.
There are some pretty cool bands that have arisen from the internet, that’s something I can’t deny, some that, if not for the World Wide Web, wouldn’t be known otherwise. So it’s cool (but I think it’s like 90% trolleable material, 9% some pretty decent stuff and 1% some great bands).

These all are but eras, if history has proven something, that something is history repeats itself again and again, endlessly. I strongly believe you could talk with someone who lived during a certain time who went to gigs and was an active member of certain musical scene and I bet he/she can clearly remember some bands that sucked and died not too long after that, they didn’t make the test of time. I’m certain this will be the case with this “era” as well, the bad bands won’t be remembered but to seldomly laugh about it and that’s it. Whereas the good bands will still be listened to and people will still talk about them, like their music and go to their gigs (if it’s still possible). Though I must bring out the “legendary tier” type of bands, I don’t think those type of bands will arise in the modern time anytime soon, they are becoming more uncommon as time goes by. At least within this particular music style (ours).

So nothing has really changed from the old days, really, nothing. The only fact that has somewhat affected it is the Internet, with it we have access to more things at a much faster pace, so, it isn’t like there are LESS great bands, there are just TOO MANY regular/bad ones, and we have access to every single one of them. PRAISED BE THE LORD, OUR GOD FOR WHICH WE’D DIE … THE INTERNET !!

I’ve said.


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