Suidakra – Eternal Defiance track by track by Arkadius Antonik.

Arkadius Antonik vocalist and guitarist from Suidakra talks (in german, english subtitles) about their new album, Eternal Defiance, in a track by track commentary with teasers of every song playing in the back as he talks and describe them. You can actually get a lot of the album sound and songs just by watching this video.

Everyone who knows Suidakra knows about their quality and the kick ass songs they put out from album to album and I doubt this one in particular will be any different from others released in the past, if anything, it seems like it will be better, with a more produced vibe to it, with a better production and the final product is but leaving me expecting and looking forward to the actual release. Eternal Defiance is the eleventh studio album of these German metalheads.

Acoustic songs, blast beats, heroic songs with orchestral arrangements and big choruses and even bagpipes!!, all of which can be found in Suidakra’s music. If you don’t know them, fuck off, go listen to them, YOU POSAH !!.


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