Obituary will stream a live concert from Florida IN HD!!.

WHAT? DID YOU SAY HD? Yes, i did. Florida based Death Metal pioneers Obituary will do a multi-camera stream in HD of one of their concerts in Florida, how cool is that?.

The event will take place Saturday June 8th at 9:00pm (E.S.T), it will be held in The Orpheum so if you’re in the area you can go and enjoy the show even more, guests Druid Lord and Singod will also play, though I’m not sure if their show will be shown in the stream, since it starts at 9pm and the show starts at around 6:30pm.

Are you ready for your ass being kicked not only live but on-line as well? Well, don’t sweat it and suscribe to the page to see it Live.

Go HERE or just click the picture below to check out the page and suscribe to watch the stream.

Obituary stream


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