Yeah-hah. The Children Of Bodom Hate Crew will hit the road to tour Europe this 2013 to promote, support and mainly play their new album, Halo of Blood.

The 88-dates tour will range from all Europe, starting June 07 and ending November 29. CoB will also play most of Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2013 dates. Some dates will have some special guests as well (a few will feature Amon Amarth, just a couple though).
The dates from September 25th – October 21 will have Insomnium (FIN) and Medeia (FIN) as guests and from October 23rd – November 25th, Decapitated (POL) and Medeia (FIN) will use that spot.

These fuckers should bring it down to America (no, I’m not talking about USA, I mean America, the fucking continent) and to other places in the world that get little to no love at all :(.

If you live in Europe, don’t sweat it and go!.
You can buy tickets and find out about the venues and places going HERE.


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