Piracy and how it affects the “industry” but somewhat benefits the “artist”.

Well, yes, Piracy. That word we all know but no one seems to actually accept it, it seems like everyone who talk about it, in fact, only whisper and ramble to each other, just to not to be labeled and pointed as “that one jerk that affects the industry doesn’t support his favourite band” – There are others that actually embrace it and wear the PIRATE FLAG with pride and honour.

Yes, Piracy affects the industry, but in what way anyway? Let me explain it here and now, it hurts the Industry, yet the artist not so much – in a direct way – but due to it, the artist gets all the “collateral damage”, so it affects both the industry and the artist as well. Yeah?.

Because industries put in the money, hoping to get money back, not in a “I trust you and your art, guys. Let’s put some money and spread the word to the world” way but in a “I put money for you and I expect more money in return, because MONEY” kinda way, after all they are just a business.
The massive drop in albums sells affects the industry because they invest money and expect it back, and since no one’s buying shit, they lose money. So, since X artist made X label lose X money because X album sold 0 copies. They drop it, as simple as that. Business is business and business is good, right?.
Artists need NUMBERS, not to prove themselves they’re THAT GOOD, but to prove Labels (The industry) “here are OUR NUMBERS, we are THIS GOOD” (Because “numbers of albums sold = better band and music, we won’t drop this one” in their logic).

Artist don’t rely on albums sold to survive, since they tend to get little to nothing per album sold anyway, their BIG income comes from the merch and mainly the gigs they play (actually, how filled are the venues of those gigs they play). But they “need” labels with them by their side, because then, the burden of the band gets lighter. I won’t satanize Labels just because they just want money, because they also help the artists to Get shit done. It is a mutual need. Labels and Bands go hand in hand and can accomplish big shit. The only thing that assures a label X artist/band is good are NUMBERS (I know there’s DIY and all that, but we’re not talking about that. Without a label, the hill gets much more steeper, that’s just fact).

(bottom line: Selling albums:GOOD, Not selling albums: NOT SO GOOD.)

Piracy helps the artists



Relax dude who can’t express himself that entirely well, it is true, Piracy helps the artists.
It spreads their music to a whole new level, making your music reach a much wider and a 100 times bigger audience. And that’s what it should be all about, right? Getting your music out there, spreading your name and actually being listened at, which should be your ultimate goal as an artist, right? If you’re just making music for the dough and to get filthy rich, then fuck you, go make some rap, bitch!. But it ain’t no sin trying to make a living and actually get some money out of what you do.

Piracy helps you to gain Fans, yeah, those mythical creatures that keep certain bands as their favourites ever and help them no matter what. These so-called Fans are what actually keep bands alive, funding all their vices and rehabs expenses so they can make a living out of this. And the higher the number of fans= The higher the odds that bands will fill venues when they tour your country or come near your hometown. Capisce?

The way I see it: Fans that ILLEGALLY (Those faceless criminals, how dare they, I HATE THEM!!) download your music but attend to the bands gigs and buys their merch=Good. They are supporting and helping the band grow and all that happy story with happy ending shit.

But, on the other side, “Fans” that illegally download music and don’t go to any of their gigs and neither buys any of the bands merch= Not good but Not bad either.
“Yeah, not bad… WHAT? How can that be “Not bad” you poser!.
Because of the fact that people who just listen to “some” songs and are so-called “ fans”, well, those kind of fans that won’t buy anything but download music for free, no matter WHAT, they would have never and will never Pay for the artist/band music or anything of the sort in the first place, yeah, that sounds harsh and shitty but that’s the way it is. Bands actually don’t lose because of this fact, but “Stop winning”. Get my vibe, son?. Because they didn’t steal anything, they didn’t rip you. Yes, they didn’t buy your album, but they would never have done it anyway, so it’s the same either way. They didn’t “lost” a sell per se, but they lost anyway.

And that’s a little “downside” to piracy, artists and bands lose some of the control they have over their music. Now, once the music is out it’s like it never belonged to you, because there are dudes all over the world listening to it and enjoying barely knowing who you are, but thanks to it you also win fans and can make it or not in the music world, how did you think people over the other side of the world knew your shit by? Because they went to the Underground side of the local music shop and your album caught his eyes and bought it, like in the old days? FUCKING NO!! Most people downloaded the shit out of your music and then became your fans, went to your gigs … repeat the cycle until the end (Though I must accept and acknowledge there are those little few that knew bands going into the local shop and all that, but they’re the absolute minority).

That is, leaving aside the fact that they have to sell albums no matter what or they’ll get droppped by their labels and then the artists/bands suffers either way. A little balance is needed, buying albums is a nice gesture for bands so labels know that they’re somewhat relevant to people and that fans actually care about you. keeping them to their side.

Piracy is like a double-edged sword. A double-edged sword that’s needed by most of the artists nowadays actually. Many bands are known because of that fact and it is vital for some bands, but is slowly killing the business nonetheless, those that don’t reinvent themselves.

Piracy is the response to a commercial plan that belongs to the past, it was born due to the lack of The Industry to reinvent the business model, but that’s another whole different topic actually. And I’m not making the ones that illegally download music the saints, nope; those are the bad guys of the movies. Piracy is bad, BUT IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD.

Piracy is bad, kids *wink,wink*

Lars ulrich

I’m going for you, Napster!!.


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