Kingmaker, a new Megadeth Track that actually kicks some ass!! (and a review).

I heard some rumors that Megadeth would release a new single through Twitter in someone’s account and all that jazz I don’t know, ‘cause I don’t use twitter and I don’t know how it works so I just patiently waited for them to release it via YouTube. I found out this morning that this was the case. So, simple enough, click and listen. Just how I like me my stuff, simple.

Well, what can I say? My prayers have been heard by the metal gods, or so it seems by the time being at least, this track is just so much more, in all ways possible, than Super Collider, previous track they released from the album that also gives its name to it.

I really like the bass in this song, it has more presence and it’s very cool, Ellefson sure has improved his skills and sound, not playing faster or anything of the sort but playing Better, tighter, serving the band with the needs of the songs. Guitar parts are better, not that generic as the previous song, with stronger riffs and a sweet solo, though not being all that shreddy and not being that much of a DESTROYER RIFF like they delivered in the past, but, looking past that fact and just comparing this with their latest Single, it is miles ahead. Drums are flawlessly, Drover’s work is just marvelous in all the tracks he’s played or Megadeth. Although I’m still not convinced with the voice all that much. I don’t hate it but it is a fact that time has taken its toll on Mustaine’s voice. I hope they prove me wrong once again with the vocal parts in the album, as they have with this song.

Kingmaker is a cool track indeed, it kicks Super Collider’s butt. This further approves my theory that super collider was just a weak track in the album’s roster that served only to give its name to it. I hope the overall result shines on its own and doesn’t leave us all hanged up and looking back to the past. Longing for ye ol’ times where Megadeth fucking kicked ass. Super Collider can be all that, and hopefully it’ll be.


** You can read a review for Super Collider, past single of Megadeth HERE **



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