A pretty curious but MUST watch documentary.

Slayer house.

That’s right, I don’t know how to feel or what to really think about this, it is very weird. I’ll let you decide and think whatever you decide.

It is 25 minutes long but definitely worth the watch dudes,trust me!.
It is about Australians aboriginals youth gangs of Wadeye. What’s so curious about this? you ask. Well, what’s so curious about this is the fact that these aboriginals youth gangs take their names from Heavy Metal Bands. That’s right, it is weird, huh?. Well, tell that to the Slayer Mob or to the Metallica gang, or to the Judas Priest. it is very funny and curious.

Note some Slayer Mob members with rappers shirts. I also think Slayer fans would never run from Evanescence ones.

If you don’t like animals being run over and beaten to death with a stick, being skinned and seeing their organs, then I’d reccomend you skip the Kangaroo part.


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