The Dillinger Escape Plan’s “One Of Us Is The Killer” Full Album Stream.

Yup, The Dillinger Escape Plan, who I only knew because of the fact that I found out they were touring along with The Faceless. should I be ashamed by that? Well, nope, I am not. Should I be surprised by them? ‘Cause I certainly am, sir.

Though not being straight-up Metal in your face they do have some aspects and things in their music that sound pretty harsh.
They have many “faces” to show, that’s pretty cool. For instance, I found out some Jazzy influences (that are pretty notorius actually) on the drummer’s work. I liked the guitars, the whacky melodies out of the blue and the progressive work they do. A thing I really liked is the presence they give to the bass, it is up there for everyone to hear, #noshame. I really didn’t like the vocal parts that much, that’s just me but I don’t really like these kinds of vocals (in this kind of genre in particular).

Overall they do sound great. I’m glad I finally listened to these guys this morning because they have some kick ass sounding songs. What I didn’t like about them (and maybe that’s mainly my fault) is that I found some of the songs, though original as they can be, all of their peaks seem to converge in a hardcore-ish sound that sounds a little too repetitive to me.

Oh, I almost forgot, for the Album stream, just click the picture. Duh.

If you like their shit you can Like them on their Official Facebook Page and obviously buying their shit Here or in the same page you can hear their Album Stream. To find more, go to their Official Website.


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