Children of Bodom – Transference Official Video (no lyric video or un-official shit here,dude).

As I wrote on a previous entry, they released a Lyric video of a new song, but now, Children of Bodom have finally released the video for Transference. The first official video of a song of their new album Halo of Blood.

And that’s pretty much all I have to say about it, I said it all on the previous entry about the song (fucking click that shit already, bitch!)
But it is growing on me, I’m “liking” it much more than before. I’m hoping Halo of Blood turns out to be an excellent record like their previous (and I mean their Older previous, if you would like to know, thank you).

Here’s the video for the ones that just wanna watch and hear the video but this fucking cunt won’t shut up already, without further ado, let me present you the latest video for these finnish metalheads called Children of Bodom, who formed as a band back in 1993 in Espoo, Finland. and whose original line-up consisted of … FUCK OFF, WATCH THE SHIT AND SHUT UP. don’t judge me

On a side note. It amazes me how people just complain about everything, just look at the comments and you’ll find shit like “OMG HE WON’T HEADBANG” or “THEY LOOK SO BORED OMGOMGOMG”. My 2 cents, gentleman.


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