Screaming Banshee. A KICK ASS new (to me) band.

Today I was checking the web and found this video of a band I knew nothing about, I was surely pretty pleasantly surprised by them. Screaming Banshee, Italian metalheads is the band in question and After the Nightfall is the song (and video) itself.
Since I know jack about them here’s the copy-paste bio of the band in the video’s description:

The band was born in 2009. They released their first EP “The Chronicles” in October 2010 and start promoting it with gigs. In February 2011 they sign a deal with AXiiS Music to distribute and promote the first EP “The Chronicles” (5 tracks, 25 min.)

.They played at over 50 gigs. Important shows and bands with which they played: Rotting Christ and Omnium Gatherum, Sabina Metal Fest 2011 with Necrodeath, Necrotorture, Metal Crusade 2012, AXiiS Music Festival 2011 in Marseille (France) with KILLUS and A.C.O.D., several Metal Massacre shows, Subhuman.

In November 2012 they finished their first full length album “Descent” which is about to be distributed worldwide. Official Video “After the Nightfall”, opening track, was released in April 2013 as a preview for the new album. A promotional tour for the album will follow in 2013.

The video must be one of the cheapest videos I’ve ever seen ever; it’s just them playing on a studio. But you know what? They don’t need anything else, the subject that shines is the music and that’s the best thing, proving that you don’t need shit tons of money, a large budget or a million dollar set to make your music shine. After all it should be all about them playing and making the music shine and not the music making them shine. Check, they do that.

I love how they combine their death-progressive style to death. I like the guitar parts verily much, they have many sides to it, aggressive when they have to and some more “quieter” when they don’t. They fit completely to the song but somehow, to me, the guitar’s tone in the solo just doesn’t blend completely with the mix, it is good though. The bass is correct, I don’t hear it shine that much but it does its job flawlessly. I’d give some more presence to the bass, maybe it’s just me or maybe because it’s the only song I’ve heard from them. The vocals are pretty kick ass too but what I have to praise and applaud is the drummer’s work, the drummer is pretty damn awesome dudes, long time no see one of these in newer bands (and let alone in this music style).
It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything this cool and “complete” in its true meaning. So, if I were you (which I’m not, but just pretend it’s that way) I’d waste no more time and directly watch the video and Like their Facebook Page, help them, they’re heading towards a bright future if they continue this way.

After the Nightfall takes part of Descent, soon to be released worldwide. Get it if you dig them.

-Keep it up dudes!!

Keep in mind the warning in the beginning of the video.



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