Dark Tranquility’s new video for Uniformity.

Well, Dark Tranquility has released some songs from their up-coming new album but no video to back it up … Until now, yup, Uniformity takes part of their new album Construct, to-be released May 27th. You can pre-order it here .

I’m not dying because of the song, it is very cool but not to die for. A lot of TRVE METALHEADS are complaining because IT AINT TRVE DARK TRANQUILITY BEC0S THERES NOT METAL. IT TOO SLO\/\/, IT IS POP HARP DERP PLS, but maybe what they do not seem to know is that DT has us accustomed to songs like these. Not just OMG DEATH TO THE CORE SONGZ PLS.
I think when a band reaches certain level of awesomeness (a level DT Certainly has reached, a long time ago) they can pull whatever they want and I’m pretty sure I’ll still be listening to them, that’s something they’ve earned. I’m not a blind fan that could listen to whatever shit every band I like puts out but I’m pretty sure when it’s about Dark Tranquility, you’re in a safe bet for a good time listening to them.

For broken Words and The Science Of Noise are two other tracks of their new album they’ve released to the public which follow the same Guidelines, awesome tracks.

Whatever the ending result turns out to be, I think it’s really difficult to beat Damage Done, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t trying to. They just keep growing and evolving as they go.


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