Annihilator and how I believe they deserve so much more.

Today I bring you a band you’re possible familiar with, Annihilator, but here’s the thing. To me Annihilator never got the massive back-up and recognition you’d expect from such an epic band with such emblematic songs. I mean, its fans are the most die-hard fans you’ll ever meet, but these Canadians surely DO deserve MORE. I know some very bad bands that are known 100 times more than Annihilator … and that, woooh, that’s very bad, that’s practically a sin, kids. But they, somehow, never got to really take off, I really wonder why.

I’ve loved them from the first time I heard them, I think the first song I heard is … *drum roll* … Alison Hell, quite a shock, huh? Haha. Since that day I couldn’t help but to have a need to find out more about the band, and the legend itself, Jeff Waters, ‘cause let’s face it, Annihilator is practically a one-man band. It passed through some weird line-ups in the past, even some when Jeff had to step up and sing in three albums that I can think of, besides from raping playing guitar (but I think he’s always had it in him, so, it was a matter of time he took that spot, at least for a couple years, at least that’s how I see it) but now, along with James they have a more stronger line-up than ever before.

Annihilator must be one of those few bands that seem to have it all, powerful riffs, creative melodies, fast and melodic passages, shreddy guitar solos. You name it, they have done it and better than anyone. Let’s not mention Jeff’s creativity, the dude is a fucking machine creating complex riffs I’ll never be able to play, my arms would fucking melt and the little fucker plays them like he’s having a walk by the park, little fucker… I LOVE YOU
Aside from that; Annihilator doesn’t only excels by its guitar works, nope. Drums, Bass and Voice. Every single instrument kick major ass.

Despite not always having backup, just like if it were Jeff vs. the world, alone, despite that fact, Jeff delivered killer album after killer album, some may not like some of the albums, I personally love them all, they’re all different from the other, and I truly mean different, their third disk, Set The World On Fire, for example.(who happens to be my all-time favorite by him them, as a whole) From ’89 to this very day they have never let me down, not even once. They have remained true to their core forever.

If you’re reading this shit and you don’t know them that much or don’t know them at all, never heard of them before … then please, please do yourself a favor and start listening to them, they’re like the holy grail of Metal, in all its kinds and genres, they play it all.

It’s about time Annihilator gets the respect they DESERVE !! Do note that I never mentioned how of a fucking kick ass cool guy Jeff really is :D He’s very fine for a Canadian. hah.


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