The Big 4 are now the Big 3,75. Jeff Hanneman’s tribute day.

Well, I’m taking the liberty today to make this, I’ll post nothing but this today, today is fucking Jeff’s tribute day. ‘Cause I fucking say so.

What can I say, I try to come up with a happy way to begin this entry but words just won’t come to me. I’m still devastated with these fucking news, everything was going on decently, Jeff was recovering and improving according to multiple sources, but life is very fragile, and like all things in this life, nothing lasts forever, certainly Jeff didn’t lasted forever, as much as we all wanted him to be.

Since I was only born in 1991 I cannot tell stories of how I discovered Slayer in the early 80’s, or how i’ve been their biggest fan even before their big breakthrough and all that TRUE METALHEAD shit and such. Well, Nope, you’re not getting that from me. But If I know one thing, that thing is that Jeff’s existence gave somewhat a ray of light to mine, he really got to my heart, and since I was very little, I fell in love with his band, Slayer.

And yes, you might not know him, you might not be familiar with his work, you might think he’s just “another drunk guitar player like millions other that overcrowd this world” but lemme tell you one thing, Jeff Hanneman was one of the finest and never got the recognition he really deserved. He was the motor, the soul, the machine beneath Slayer. Some might say Kerry was the one that ran the circus (which in some ways he really did). Others might say that Tom was the one that gave Slayer its power, Nah. Lemme tell you the truth, if not for Jeff’s FUCKING MASSIVE creativity, Slayer would be just another regular metal band, AND THOSE ARE FUCKING OVERCROWDING THIS WORLD. YES. I said it.

The metal scene lost one of the best, a simple dude with a so complex brain that could deliver things you could never think were possible. pushing the envelope, always kicking it up a notch. I find Jeff and his band to be one of the most consistent and consequent bands ever, delivering beautiful (and some not so much) tunes practically from day 1 to this very day (with some exceptions, obviously.)

The thing I’m so fucking fed about is what words Kerry had to say about him. It wasn’t a long time ago since he pulled this shit:

Talking about replacing Jeff just like if it was like buying cheap beer on a store. Treating Jeff like a second class-passenger in Slayer’s private jet when reality couldn’t have been further away from that, if Slayer were or had a plane, Jeff would be the fucking pilot. Hands Fucking Down (Weird comparison but you get the point) I don’t hate on Kerry, it’s just that as days go by, the dick-o-metter on Kerry just keeps building up (let’s not even mention the situation with Dave).
Jeff as Composer for Slayer:

Jeff formed and co-found band Slayer with also-guitar-player Kerry King. From the beginning, day number 1 Jeff was part of Slayer. I could keep writing about this but it would mean nothing. You could Google “Slayer” and find this and even lots and fucking lots more of information, more in-depth and all the jazz, but I’m trying to get to the core.
If we go to history and see WHO WROTE MOST OF SLAYER’S SHIT. What can we found? What are you expecting the answer to be? Well, let’s be clear, it ain’t Tom. It ain’t for shit Kerry and it certainly ain’t Dave. That leads us to who? Yup, Jeff. Even when not in the band, recovering from Necrotizing fasciitis since 2011 you can see Jeff’s influence in his band, just take a look at the set list of slayer’s live shows. Roughly the 70% of the songs they currently play live are solely Jeff’s creation or co-wroted by him, All the songs Slayer is known for (the really good ones) were his. And the man died and nobody acknowledge that simple fact. I wanna see and hear how new Slayer albums will sound like. (Hope they sound sweet though, I’m a Slayer fan.)

Anyway. I’m not just trying to hate and flame on everyone in Slayer just for being the way they are. I just find that what is should be shown the way it really is. And not what it appears or seems to be, Just straight up facts. I can hear Kerry crying over this, and everyone else, kissing Jeff’s ass during live shows, interviews and whatnot saying how much of a genius he was while when he was still alive nobody gave 2 shits about him and didn’t care if he’d come back or not. I’ve said.

I’ve mentioned before and I’ll say it again. Just another legend that leaves far too soon.

PS: From this day on I’ll take care from every spider that exists, no matter what.

PS2: I wanna make it clear that I LOVE Slayer’s music and them as musicians (some more than others) just not much as individuals. Please note that I’m Chilean, sucking on Tom’s dick is what we usually do.

May you rest in peace, Jeff …


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