Broken Hope to release new album after 14 years.

Yup, as you already read in the title, Illinois based band Broken Hope already recorded everything for their 6th and comeback album Omen of Disease, their last record in 14 years since Grotesque Blessings was released in 1999.
They’re on the Mixing and Mastering stage by the hand of producer James Murphy. After that they’re done. It will be set free to us mortals.

Broken Hope parted ways in 2002, and now, after 10 years they’ve reunited once again to deliver, what I hope to be, a kick ass comeback album.
Former vocalist Joe Ptacek committed suicide on January 2010 so expect the voice to sound different, actually, expect them to sound totally different altogether; 14 years Do change things. Album Omen of Disease will count with special guest The Black Dahlia Murder‘s Trevor Strnad in one track.

If you don’t know them, check them out for sure, they’re some pretty good metal band, follow them on their Official Facebook Page and buy Omen of Disease once it comes out. Also visit their Official Website to find more about them.

Fuck I love their artwork, fucking art.


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