Angra rehearsing.

Here’s a pretty cool video of a great Brazilian band Angra. If you don’t know them by now shame on you! you definitely must check them out.
This was prior to their 70.000 tons of Metal show in which they played from January 28 to february 1st, 2013.

Fabio Lione, singer of Rhapsody … of Fire is playing with them in the meantime since Angra haven’t found yet a stable Singer since Eduardo Falaschi‘s departure in 2012 to focus more on his other projects like Almah or … uhm… Almah too.

Angra has recently announced they will do a South American Tour with Fabio Lione as a special guest to commemorate the 20th aniversary of their first album ever released, Angels cry (1993). After that they will hit the studio to record yet another album.

Follow them on Facebook for more information and more video chunks of them rehearsing.


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