Carcass new album’s veil is falling little by little.

Andy Sneap mixing

The picture above shows Andy Sneap, producer of new Carcass record who took charge after Colin Richardson stepped out.
According to a post on their Official Facebook Page they inserted this photo and at the same time they added:

Andy Sneap mixing the album last week – sounding killer ! Few little tweaks and it will be finished! We should be able to give you more info. on a release date soon!

Finally! day by day the time is getting near!. There are lots and lots of fans like me that have been waiting day in and day out for this. A new Carcass work is what the Metal world has been waiting so badly, it’s been 17 years since the last release of these English Extreme Metallers!.
Surgic Steel is set to released somewhere this year.

Carcass is not the band we deserve (We all are unworthy of such great band) but the band we desperately want and need.

Also, there was a picture posted a couple weeks back in which they introduced new Guitarist Ben Ash. The picture shows the actual Line-Up of the band.


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