Dewfall, A pleasant surprise.

I was browsing YouTube today and between useless and meaningless searches (some meaningful and very inspiring too) a video popped-up out of the blue… okay, okay, I confess, it was on the related stuff. But the former version was way more epic and mystic.

The band itself is called Dewfall, hailing from the Country of Pasta, Lasagna and Mafia, Italy.
(I didn’t wanted to say Guidos for obvious reasons…)
Without further ado I hereby present thyself… The video.

It sounds good, it reminds me of some good Old-school death metal tunes with a modern sound twist to it. Yet it doesn’t reach the CRAPPY MODERN sound everyone is sounding like these days (insert CRAPPY MODERN band here. I refuse to post CRAPPY MODERN’S CRAPPY VIDEO here ’cause I don’t wanna insult young folks over-hyped modern heroes, yet you know which ones I’m talking about).

Painful Death Lake belongs to a new EP which bears the same name released on January. You can Like them of Facebook Here.

Though the song is pretty good, God damn !! That video! If you give me a webcam an 5 bucks I’m sure I can come out with something better. I mean, where are the cheap whores?. Some say the intention is all that matters but it surely wasn’t enough on this case. I’m sorry guys, keep trying. Kickass sound though, keep it up !!.

A+ Sound/ Z- Video.


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