Soilwork – Spectrum Of Eternity video rant.

Though it’s been up and seen everywhere, I just wanted to upload this to give my opinion about the video itself.
The song is awesome, one of the best songs of 2013 I’ve heard so far and even one of the best Soilwork tracks I’ve ever heard.
What I’m not so happy about is the video per-se. I mean, it just felt to me like they pushed it to release a video to the song (pushed really hard), it is very mediocre to me, it has no relation to the song. It is not HORRIBLE but could’ve been a lot better, something that goes hand-in-hand with the great track it serves for. I was really looking forward to a video of Spectrum Of Eternity but this isn’t the idea i had in mind. The ending of the video, however, is a pretty good concept and pretty good image, I really liked that.

So anyway. I’ll be on my throne being the judge and waiting for another video to the song so they can redeem themselves. AMUSE ME, SOILWORK! AND YOU BETTER DELIVER OR ELSE !!.

I suddenly have the urge to play Bioshock and sail away, anyone else?.

Spectrum Of Eternity belongs to album The Living Infinite in Stores now.


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