Next Metallica full-length will be out no closer than 2015.

EDIT: **Click HERE To read a new interview featuring Robert Trujillo regarding the new Metallica’s album recording and sounding style**

Bummer alert !!.

To all you Metallica fans out there that were expecting any sort of new release from the four horsemen. Well, let me stop you right there and crush your hopes and dreams. Let me inform you that Metallica Drummer and founder Lars Ulrich revealed on an interview with (South African) Channnel24 on their South African 2013 Tour and regarding to a new Metallica album he said:

It would surprise me if the next Full-length Metallica record would come up before 2015. It takes us a while to make records and we’re also so busy with other things, we’ll get to it eventually.

Well, it appears like we’ll have to wait ’til 2015. But while we wait we can just listen to Load an ReLoad infinitely, i never get bored with such masterpieces. I just hope the new record ends up being somewhat listenable, Let’s hope for the best.

Here’s the full interview so you can watch Lars talk about Tennis, why he moved to the US, hardest Metallica tunes to play live and so much more other uninteresting stuff … also, you can hear the interviewer do nothing but moan from time to time. Fascinating, huh?.

Miss us, guys?


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