In Flames – “The Jester Riddle” competition.

In Flames must be one of the most active bands on their Facebook Page ever.
And now, adding to that, they’re doing this pretty cool contest called “The Jester Riddle” competition. The winners will each win a Guitar Amp used (and abused too) by In Flames members Björn Gelotte, Peter Iwers and Niclas Engelin. 
The contest is all about this:

“The Jester Riddle” competition will kick off May 1st, 2013 on the . Each day, for one week, the Head Jesters will post ONE clue to “The Jester Riddle”. Once you have solved all 7 clues you will then, and only then, be able to submit your final answers.

Remember, go to in order to participate.

I’ll keep you guys informed how it all turns out to be. Follow me on Facebook if you want more insights on this very story and others.

Go! Winner takes it all !! (well, one of the three in this case)


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