If These Trees Could Talk, an Instrumental luxury.

(Play before reading)

Well, If These Trees Could Talk, they’d talk about how this band absolutely ROCKS. (and later they would complain about the dogs that piss on them, obviously).

The self-called “Post-Whatever” band hailing from Akron, Ohio. If These Trees Could Talk Surely is something else. Although not being so “Metally”, they do get heavy from time to time. They do their job flawlessly. You never get bored while listening to them, not a single time, and in a genre where that can easily happen, that is not an easy task at all. They sound so fresh and at the same time they’re immensely creative. Something we don’t see very much these days (especially on this type of music). Spot-on instrumental tracks that seem to never cease to amaze you (or me, in this case). Good work on the drums, three guitars that range from clean acoustics to distorted heavy, correct bass lines. Every instrument works in function of the music and not the other way around. Aesthetically beautiful, pretty little songs that are listenable everywhere, you can never go wrong with them. Also, they have a huge plus because of the fact that they don’t have to deal with an ego-maniac/attention whore vocalist (Which is pretty common). What could possibly go wrong? Huh?
The all-instrumental band has released an EP as well as 2 full albums so far: If These Trees Could Talk (2006), Above the Earth, Below the Sky (2009) and Red Forest (2012).

Do yourself a favor and listen to them while lying on the bed (or over the floor if you’re poor like me) with a pitch-black room. Give yourself that luxury, thank me later.

Give them a hand and Like their Facebook Page and/or Buy their shit Here, Here or Here.

PS: Can someone explain me with apples and horns what the fuck is “Post-Rock”?.


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