Wintersun – Time 1 Review.

Although it’s been out for some time already, I wanted THIS particular album to be the first album review I make for many reasons:

1)Because I can.

2)Because I want.

3)Because it’s freaking Wintersun we’re talking about,  need i say more?.

So let’s get down to business:

Album: Time 1.

Band: Wintersun (Finland).

Released: October 19, 2012


1) When Time Fades Away

2) Sons of Winter and Stars:

I. Rain of Stars

II. Surrounded by Darkness

III. Journey Inside a Dream

IV. Sons of Winter and Stars

3) Land of Snow and Sorrow

4) Darkness and Frost

5) Time

Length: 40:07

When Jari released that piece of jewelry back in 2004, It was bound to become a legendary record from here to eternity, I don’t think even Jari knew what would follow after that piece of gold was released. The collateral damage it caused in my mind was tremendous, immeasurable. I just couldn’t resist, I NEEDED MORE !!. Then, in ’06 some rumors appeared, Wintersun (as a proper band now) was going to release an album called Time (later to be cut in half and released as Time 1 and Time 2 respectively). Close, but no cigar. It was never released, forever to be pushed back into oblivion. Jari just appeared from time to time to say the releasing date was going to be rescheduled. I cared about nothing, all I could read in Jari’s words were “HAHA FUCK YOU, LOSER”. It felt Just like if he took a massive shit on my face … And all I could ever do was to lie on the floor trying not to cry. But efforts were meaningless, tears would follow.

After all that time of waiting, the few of us that survived the pass of time (‘cause the others died, we had to wait like 60 years for the release day to come, and eventually to listen to it.), were shocked to find out one morning near July ’12 some news about the absolute release date, it was set. I was near death but this brought me back to life. This shit was more delayed than Chinese democracy, which still hasn’t arrived. (get the pun there? Clever, huh?).

So after all the waiting (6 years from the announcement and 8 years from the first released album) it finally arrived. It was there, something attainable, something concrete, something I could touch and it could touch me back (which it did, in more than 1 way, in more ways than I’d like to actually admit   : ( ).

Enough blah-blah, on to the ass-lickery licking !!.

Musically Speaking:

What I like:

I like the progression it makes as a whole, it does tell a story, the transitions from song to song, the moods it evoke, the orchestration and the instrument arrangements, how Kai Hahto’s drums work all around and fit perfectly, just like before, I like almost everything on this album from the instrumentation part.

What I DON’T like:
The fact that I had (and many like me had to as well) to Wait more than 6 years for it to be released. Which has nothing to do with the music, but fuck it, I’ll put it as a reason anyway.
Repeat the above reason 100 times.
I also find disturbing the lack of guitar solos.

I hate the fact that I only have 2 thumbs, if I could I would give it infinite thumbs up. I know some Indian Gods and Deities that could do so in a heartbeat.

I love how it goes from IN YOUR FUCKING FACE aggressive arm-killer riffs to quiet acoustic guitars, from complexes rhythms to simple, yet powerful ones. From choirs to growls, from 0 to 100 in a split of a second, and back to it again. It passes through all the colors and all the intensities ever possible (and some I thought weren’t possible too). Ups and downs, this shit has more ups and downs than a bi-polar pregnant lady. It is never pretentious, there’s no place and no time where I say “This could’ve been better” … “I would’ve done THIS instead” … Nope, it all fits perfectly in its place, every little piece is where it belongs, and bit by bit it builds one of the most well-made, all around albums of the decade.  It is a perfect blend between electric instruments and heavy drumming with an orchestration that’s not just there to sound pretty and not contribute to it, nope, it gives even more meaning to it; It enhances the record, adding more depth to it. It is indeed a perfect instrumental execution; It is a luxury to listen to.

You really have to sit and listen to it, though. To digest It, to comprehend and admire its complexity. It is NOT an easy listen. I also needed a couple listenings to fall in love with It, it is so different to the previous one that it makes you wonder about many things (what movie is this soundtrack from, for instance.)

The track I enjoyed the most was and still to this day is Sons of winter and stars. It has everything.

Lyrically I find it weaker than the 2004 record, which at the same time I find to be more “deep”. Lyrics are awesome on this as well but I just find them somehow weaker. That’s just my little appreciation.

I know it’s very unfair to compare Wintersun with Time 1, they are so much alike but at the same time they’re worlds apart. But I just couldn’t shake off the expectations the first record built up in my head… to this very day I still can’t. There’s nothing that can beat THAT one album. But when you learn to differentiate them both and actually learn and know they’re meant to be that different, you enjoy them even more.

I just can’t give it infinite ass-lickings to this album (actually, I could, but it would be unethical) there are things that I found the album lacks. Albeit being a conceptual album, and I do believe we need Time 2 to be released as well to “Complete the puzzle” and appreciate it to the fullest and as a whole. With that being said, I find the songs to revolve around the same theme (duh) a little too much. To the point where I actually get a little tired of it, everything sounds a little alike after a while. That never happened to me with their(His) Homonym and debut Album, I could listen to that record for the rest of my life and I’d find I don’t need anything else, every song is a world apart  …  But that doesn’t happens with Time 1 (to me at least).

So, bottom line, I find it to be a perfect execution of instruments, a magnificent blend, using resources that are rarely seen or straight up never seen before in the context Wintersun puts them. It sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard before, it is unique in its own way, but to me it’s a little repetitive, a little tiring to hear sometimes, Time 1 ranks highly among my all-time favorites, but I don’t listen to it every day.
I don’t find it a very fair exchange at all either. To wait 6 years for this, the anticipation and excitement was bigger than the final product itself, I might dare to say. Just like those things you wait forever to have and when you finally have them you feel like “it’s that it?”.
Like when you don’t wear a condom. *cough*, move along.

To round things up a little bit: I find this album to be musically BETTER than the previous, it uses more resources, It is flawless, a beauty in its own. But that’s not all there is to music (see the current mainstream scene for example). I don’t  find it nearly as entertaining as its predecessor. Still a kick-ass MASTERPIECE though.
Will Time 1 be the #1 of Times? I guess we’ll just have to wait for Time 2 to find the answer for that question.

I’m too biased to give it a low score anyway so I’ll give It 100/10 and fuck you all.

I hate how it ends too. It’s the ultimate cockblock, you’re there chilling listening to the outro of the last song, Time, and then there it goes, you can feel it, you can feel something epic coming your way and  – FUCK YOU, WAIT FOR TIME 2 – (it even rhymes)

So there you have it. The mediocre-est review-ish of Time 1 ever. Heard it here first.

PS: The word TIME is said written 29 times … +1.


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