Jeff Loomis is going through rough times.

It is very sad to know the hard times Jeff Loomis is going through right now, yesterday he revealed on his Official Website his Father passed away. It is never easy when someone so close to you as your Father passes away. Be Strong Jeff !!
Jeff was touring in the U.S. when he found out, he’ll be flying home and rejoin the tour he’s doing alongside Soilwork later this month.
This is not the only sad news Jeff has had in the last couple weeks. Someone broke into his van on St. Louis and according to an entry on their official website they took:


all of our personal items such as laptops, cameras, musical equipment, cell phones, passports and money were stolen.


These are indeed terrible times for Jeff Loomis and his band, but, as all in this life, and as George Harrison once said (and released … on a triple album) All things must pass.  (Which is true, and that is one fucking good album)
They are also accepting Donations to help them with the huge financial hit they have suffered. So if any of you guys likes them enough or just wanna be a good Satanist Christian, here is the information for you to do so, or just go straightly to their Official website and you’ll eventually figure out.

Below is the PayPal e-mail to make donations to.

Any and all support will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Jeff Loomis Band and crew


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