I wanna be popular too. Megadeth – Super Collider Review.


I don’t wanna be less so I’ll just follow the trend and the popular opinion so I’ll hate on the new track Super collider by Megadeth. yay !!. Because let’s face it,bashing on Mustaindeth is the new black.
I see many pages, so-called critics and individuals judge new Megadeth material based on every action Mustaine has taken or everything he has ever made as a person. They judge Megadeth as if it was Dave, the person. I know Dave is 99% (if not the 100%) of the band, but still with that little thing in mind one must know to differentiate one from the other. I’m no one to say what or which opinion is legitimate or illegitimate, I just find it wrong to do so. I have never cared about the actions Dave Mustaine has taken or the things he has done, I couldn’t care less if he’s a prick, a dick or if he likes it thick. I just listen to the songs they release. and this I know … most have been FUCKING GREAT. but this one, I’ll hate on this track just because.
So in this article i’ll try to separate Dave Mustaine the person and try to judge Dave Mustaine as a part (huge part) of the band Megadeth.

Super Collider is the new track which also gives its name to the new album of the band Megadeth, it’ll be out on June 4, 2013.

Something people seem to overlook and ignore (or just plainly don’t know) is the Producer of the new album. Johnny K, is The same guy that produced “TH1RT3EN”. He is credited with “some” writing of lyrics and music in said album *cough,cough*Six tracks*cough,cough*. So maybe they’ll sound something alike.
Also, check the list of albums Johnny K has produced. Noticed the 3 Disturbed albums he has worked on? Not smiling anymore, huh?.
It will also be the first album to be released under Dave Mustaine‘s own label , Tradecraft, after parting ways with Roadrunner records. So there’s that as well to take into consideration. It could be good or bad, only time will tell.
but all of this means nothing, nothing is set in stone, this could be pretty much everything and anything, it has many possibilities, as long as they don’t release it we’re just speculating here. Though it may set some guidelines as how “Super Collider” might end up sounding.

Enough with the techny-related stuff. On to the Mustaindeth bashing! mediocre review for this mediocre track:


Not my personal favourite by the band, not even close to being that, not even close to even liking it.
Don’t wanna say they didn’t even tried, ’cause I don’t wanna be unfair with them, I’m sure they have. But it feels like they didn’t .
It’s okay, it might be a filler, but my question is: “Why would they release it as a single?” I think it’s just because it’s the track that gives the album its name, that’s about it. it is very mediocre, average at best to my TRVE EAR. I’ll forever wonder about this.

When I first heard it and heard the opening guitar solo I went AWW YEAH NIGGAH THIS SHIT IS THE SHIT IT’LL TAKE OFF AND BLOW MY DICK AWAY YAY !!. But then the little solo ceased and the song followed a total different direction, not the direction I thought it’d take, not the direction everyone thought it would end up following. But it went on and on and I kept waiting for that “IT”, that THING (in Bold) that makes you love a song, but i found myself waiting endlessly, ’cause the track just ends and doesn’t deliver. Doesn’t deliver any of those things you’d expect of a Megadeth song (and let’s not talk about what one would expect of the first single they release of an unreleased album). It just builds you up to break you down in the beginning end. I keep my hopes high, though, I hope the Album Super Collider ends up being any better than the Track Super Collider, ’cause if it doesn’t, I’ll be disappointed once again of Megadeth.
I’m very surprised to hear this,though, I wouldn’t mind it being on that 1.999 worldwide Acclaimed record, but it is not, and that’s something we’ll have to bear and bravely live with.

I find this line-up to be one of the best and strongest line-ups of the last decade few years. And that’s what surprises me the most, Every musician in the band knows his place, they could do a hell of a lot better. it confuses me how it  turned out to be the way it did.

I don’t like the Guitars except for that little Broderick solo in the middle, I find them very generic. The drums could’ve been better in my opinion. They sound really good, I’ll give them that. But they don’t add that PUNCH the song lacks and so desperately needs (In Drover‘s defense, I think he did what he was asked to, not anything more, not anything less.). I like how the Bass sounds but I only liked certain few parts throughout the song. I find the Voice to be the weakest point of the song, let’s hope this isn’t the best of the Album (Which i highly doubt). I find Mustaine’s Voice is going nowhere but down now, not only live but in the studio as well.
The song lacks ups and downs, it is just 4 minutes of the same, again and again. One of the most linear songs I’ve ever heard (and boy have i heard some linear shits out there). And again, it is Average at best, not what one would expect of Megadeth.

But to each, his own. I know I won’t be hearing this song much longer, instead, you can find me listening to Risk, a classic among classics, an album I’m not worthy of hearing, but will do anyway.
So in the end, It is okay, every band has the right to grow up and grow apart from what they’ve done in the past  EVERY BAND BUT MEGADETH Let’s just hope for the best on this one.
Peace sold… but I’m not buying this. I’ll pass for now.

PS: I highlighted Megadeth and Dave Mustaine so many times for those who think those 2 words are synonyms could tell the difference.

WUT? I composed that?.

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