So … Do we have a winner already or not?.

American based band Machine Head announced on their Official Website that they were having Bass auditions to temporarily fill in for the Mayhem Festival dates. All of this was announced after original member Adam Duce left the band (Later to be revealed by Robb Flynn in his Blog entry that Adam Duce was, indeed, Fired.) Making this Robb Flynn the only original member to remain in the band.
At the moment this was quite a shocker, but after reading Robb Flynn‘s statements on his blog entry, besides being very brave and open about it, it was clear that it is better to cut your losses and move on. Which, I’m sure they are.
So what do you do when you’re a famous band about to tour and find yourself without a Bass Player?.
Hint: You find one.
And so they are. As i’ve said before they are having Bass auditions to fill in with them a couple gigs. The cool thing of this all is that they’re having Online auditions through YouTube, here are the rules:

Machine Head will begin the process of searching for a temporary bassist replacement for this summer’s Mayhem Festival in the U.S. Interested in trying out? For a limited time the band will accept and review YouTube submissions that include the following:

1) Video: A standalone performance of the songs listed below, just yourself, singing and playing bass along to the the tracks off the albums. **Camera phone is fine as long as it’s stable**

2) A brief 1- to 2-minute statement about your musical experience; playing, touring experience, etc.

Please upload your videos to YouTube and e-mail a link (or links) to that includes the following songs:

1) This Is The End
2) Halo
3) Beautiful Mourning

Once the band has narrowed down potential candidates, they will hold tryouts in person at a to-be-determined location.

Here lies the true beauty of this whole thing: From all the entries they received, there was one which highlighted and shined brighter among all other entries on the internet EVER… EVER ! !

Here is the entry in question:

The name of this dude is Frank Memolo and has stated in his YouTube Account he was born with  Cerebral Palsy in his arm.

Even Machine Head gave him a special mention in one of their Entries and said:


On a final note, many of the men and women who sent in YouTube clips performing, did so with the utmost passion and intensity, but of all the submissions, this man deserves a special mention. He learned and played not only the hardest song of the submission “This Is The End”, but played it with only ONE HAND. It moved some of us to tears, it took a lot of heart to do this, cheers Frank Memolo.

– Machine Head

Kudos to this man, what a great show of effort, this dude is a Legend. I dont know about them, but i already have a winner in my mind.


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